• "Rod is so extremely knowledgeable about process improvement in so many different industries. That being said, he does not come in and act like a 'know it all.' He gently points out areas/opportunities for improvement and explains very clearly, supported with data, how changes can be made to certain processes and what results can be expected. Most recently he took on a consulting assignment in which he significantly helped a manufacturing company make numerous of improvements in it processes resulting in significant improvements in its on-time and complete deliveries of its products to its customers. The client commented to me—Over the years we have hired a number of consultants to help us with our processes. Rod has been—by far—the best we have ever had." Dr. Robert Peterson Florida Gulf Coast University, Continuing Education and Off-Campus Programs 
  • ​“Thanks Rod Baxter for your contribution to improve the quality of business culture of organizations. Your Cultural Engagement for Success handbook looks very practical for quality professionals and for others to be used to generate value to the company.” André Ruiter (AWG) Freelance Interim kwaliteitmanager | KAM manager | verbetermanager | QHSE specialist management system
  • Ted Bill, President, Pelican Wire Company "We have been engaged with Value Generation Partners since the Fall of 2016.  We engaged them to provide Green Belt training, which quickly grew into helping us down the journey of a full lean transformation of our business.  Since then they have provided us with direct training and guidance on a variety of Lean / Six Sigma projects.  Through this process Rod and Kelli have become a trusted advisor to our key leaders. Rod and Kelli have been tremendous resources for our business.  Not only to they bring the technical acumen and the deep experience in Lean / Six Sigma, they do so in a very unassuming and humble manner that I think is rare among consultants.  It is very clear in working with both of them that their #1 priority is the success of the client, and not how to get more money or set us up for the next consulting job.  The result is a very high level of trust that has built between them and our team.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Value Generation Partners to any company that is serious about bring Lean / Six Sigma into their organization."
  • “I love the Operations Excellence book and have had it for over a year now. My role is productivity manager for a factory and I use your book regularly to refer back to and study from.” Jon Dawkins
  • “Great presentation Rod. 7 Steps using SUCCESS sums it up and gives a good handle on how to go about solving problems.” Ganesh Ganesh Consultant, Consultant Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • “Thanks Rod for a wonderful presentation.” Rajendran Natarajan Singapore, Singapore
    “Understand problem categories by complexity. Only one word for Rod’s webinar........ AWESOME! All PMP need this topic for our jobs!” Fredyy Betancourt Uribe COORDINADOR SGI, FUREL S.A  Medellín, Antioquia

  • “Presenter and Presentation were awesome!” Andrew Mcgraw, Corporate Project Manager - IT, AGIA inc, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA
  • “Rod Baxter's "Successful Problem Solving" webinar is the best I have seen to date. The clear, practical advice and wealth of practice tools are immediately useful to me. Excellent webinar!” Anne-Marie Rucker, IT Management Consultant, Providence 
  • “Rod, Very informational training, thanks. To emphasize the links between the two frameworks is a powerful approach and the combination of the two should ease actual application on a daily basis.” Benoit NELATON, Project Manager, TECHNIP North America, MOBILE, AL, USA
  • “Rod, Thank you for the insight. I've been using SMART for employee reviews for several years. Applying it to other areas is just the kind of thing that makes you think "why didn't I think of that"? I'm glad you did and shared your experience.” Dan Arnold, Technical Project Manager, Global Enterprise, First Data Corp
  • “Rod, Love your books, I own all of them in multiple formats. They are at just the right level of detail to brush up on a tool that I may be rusty on, just enough detail to help with understanding the linkage to other tools and intended benefit from sequencing the tools, and yet not too much detail to send me on a self-induced, endorphin-producing rabbit trail of curiosity. If you are still in writing mode, may a make a suggestion? A flow-chart roadmap between your books- if I wanted to focus on portfolio management or change management or strategic alignment, or scoping a meeting/improvement event- the map would send me to the appropriate book-chapter-tool. I would pay good money for that! Thank you for the great work, and for helping me to be successful with the right tools on the job.” Andy Rogish
  • “Great job Rod! I do a lot of facilitation workshops so I really enjoyed seeing you mention things I find to be particularly helpful - Disc Analysis (sometimes we use to kickoff a dysfunctional group to help everyone understand each other better) - Parking Lot (can't exist without it) - Understanding learning styles (e.g., visual) - SWOT - so many great concepts. I also enjoyed learning some new tools and framing the delivery of a Workshop as a Project is very on-point. Thanks!” Deborah Lazicki, ATLANTA, GA, USA
  • “Rod Baxter is a great presenter. Can tell he has a lot of passion.” Jimmie Kevin Adamson Hollywood, FL, USA
  • “Rod, Excellent presentation to show the parallel yet differences between two popular and complementarity approaches. Should be more on those.” Vincent Guerard Consultation in project management, Consultant, Mont-Royal, QUEBEC“Rod, really helpful for the day by day work. Worth to be seen again. Great templates. Thank you!” Michele Cozzolino Senior PM, Tweddle Anzano del Parco, CO, Italy
  • “I never saw it put so well as in your Operational Excellence Handbook. I really like the road map approach Rod. This may be the most significant work since Out of the Crisis by Deming. I will be recommending this to all my students.” Robert D. Skillman, Kent State University, Metallurgical Engineer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  •  “Thank you Rod for a great presentation. We do strategic planning on a yearly basis, but prioritization is done purely on instinct with little analysis. I appreciate too the level of interaction in your presentation with both the polls and your ability to answer questions during the flow of the presentation. It must be difficult to engage the audience when they're all attending electronically, but you do that extremely well;” Susie Hopper, VP Tribute Inc., Tribute Inc.  Akron, OH, USA
  • “Rod: Kudos on an excellent and indeed very relevant & useful piece. Do keep writing so we can together share, learn & grow!” Karthik Ramamurthy, Founder & Principal Consultant
  • “You show the power in the interaction and logical sequencing of the tools. Good planning tool and set up for effective project execution. Rod, thank you!” Boyd Rogish York, PA, USA
  • “Great presentation Rod, and yes this will definitely go along way in improving my overall work flow.” Odean Samuels Meadowbrook City, St. Andrew, Jamaica
  • “Rod, Thank you for an educational and good presentation of the material;” Noman Siddiqui, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • “Rod Baxter, Useful presentation! Thanks!” Marcelo Kanno, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • “Thanks, Rod, for these useful and informative presentations.” Sydney Carter Bolton, ONTARIO, Canada
  • “Thanks, Rod Baxter, for these useful and informative presentations. It really helped to connect both the methodologies/practices together and give an appreciation of them.” Johnson Yike Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • “Thank you, Rod. It is a good knowledge transfer presentation.” Rao Vasudeva G Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • “Rod, Great presentation. Extremely informative linking PMBOK with Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.” Ari DeAndrado, Houston, TX, USA
  • “Thanks, Rod. Very good presentation!” Anoopa Parambath, Project Manager, NCS Pte Ltd, Singapore, Singapore
  • “Thank you, Rod, for an excellent presentation comparing both PMBOK & LSS methodologies. Agree with you that PMBOK remains the standard, and both applied together will deliver better and faster results with improved stakeholder satisfaction.” B Kumar Medical Equipment Planner, Hamad Medical Corporation
  • “Rod, By far, one of the most effective and relevant presentations through Project Management.com. It was a well-explained and clear representation of integrated disciplines.” Traci Green, Process Manager, Lincoln Financial Group, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • “Thanks Rod, One of the best presentations on Project Management .com.” Daniel Fien, Senior Project Manager, Xerox, Webster, NY, USA
  • “Rod. Very Good Presentation & Educational.” Nalaka Kanthiarachchi, Lead Electrical Engineer, BK Gulf WLL
  • “I would like to congratulate Rod for the presentation and work.” Firmiano Ramos Perlingeiro, Senior Engineer, PhD., Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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  • “Nice presentation Rod. Many good ideas were presented and explained.” Vivek Gore, Senior Vice President, CNSI, Germantown, MD, USA
  • “Great Presentation! The content prepared is practical, and I am sure it can be helpful for my future work. Thank you Rod Baxter.” yan mei zhou, USA
  • “Well done Rod. Very useful information with templates to support!” Steven Perkins, Woodbridge, VA, USA
  • “This is very well presented and templates really useful. Clear explanation of the importance of correlating project with relevant strategies. Thank you Rod “ Jane Peattie, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • “Best presentation. Thanks Rod Baxter;“ Rajesh Unnithan Thuwal, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
  • “Very clear and useful as well. Thanks for sharing Rod.” Carlos Patino Interim CMO at Spaceharp. Product & Marketing Consultant, Roland Corporation
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